In this article, we’re going to take a closer look at “Set and Setting”, an expression which was coined by Timothy Leary in 1964. In his book, The Psychedelic Explorer’s Guide, he talks about the importance of carefully preparing yourself, and your environment before setting out on any psychedelic adventure. To the indigenous people of Central America though, this was old news. For over 3500 years, they’ve been using important “set and setting” rituals.

Let us tell you a little more about set and setting and how it can truly enhance the pleasure and safety of any mushroom trip.


What is Set and Setting?


magic mushroom tripping: set and setting


Quite simply, the “set” is your mindset and the “setting” is your surroundings. Making sure that you’re in the right frame of mind, with the right people, and in a good environment, can literally make or break your trip.

Taking the set and setting into consideration can drastically increase the probability that we have are a really good time, not taking it into account may very well the probability of having a bad experience.

Traditional indigenous cultures would use rituals lead by a shaman to enhance the psychedelic journey, it would make the experience much more than just a hedonistic trip and turn it into a healing and sacred moment. These days, we no longer have spiritual guides readily available to us, and this makes set and setting it all the more important.


Best (mind) Set?



The most important thing to ask yourself before taking mushrooms is “am I feeling good today?” If you just broke up with your significant other, or are feeling down and sad, angry or anxious, it is best to reschedule.

Niggling worries can surface during a trip and you really don’t want to be dealing with them intensely for six hours because psychedelics tend to blow up the state you are in when entering the experience.

In the weeks before you take mushrooms, set an intention. Are there things you want to learn about yourself or the universe? Traditional indigenous cultures use psilocybin mushrooms in healing ceremonies. Are there imbalances in your body that you want advice for?

There’s no guarantee your questions will be answered, but having a purpose gives you confidence as you step into the unknown. Be open to new experiences and don’t have strong expectations, they’ll be torn apart, you can only expect the unexpected.

Being anxious about a bad trip is like sending one out an invite, be ready to embrace anything that comes to you, good or bad. Basically, at the time of taking mushrooms, you should feel relaxed, healthy, confident, and secure with yourself, your environment, and your company.

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