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Its visual traits consist of medium/massive fruiting our bodies with thick, dense stalks and a golden caramel to tan. regularly white speckled cap.SyZygy cubensis stress is very mighty.  The Syzygy does live up the hype with masses of potencies in dense medium-sized end result over multiple prolific flushes. virtually a splendid pressure for any critical collector.Order Cubensis Mushrooms

Syzygy magic mushrooms are an distinct stress and will open up your creativity and authentic mind, decorate your social behavior and those heat fuzzy emotions. Syzygy magic mushrooms can supply notable visible hallucinations with eyes each opened and closed.


The Syzygy Magic Mushrooms are a psilocybin cubensis gene. They function medium-big fruiting bodies with dense stalks and a golden caramel to tan-white speckled cap.

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Syzygy Magic Mushrooms offers a excessive degree of efficiency. They stay up the hype of being powerful in medium-sized culmination over more than one other fertile traces.

A excessive level of power is furnished by using the SyZygy cubensis stress. They live as much as the hype of being strong over many different fertile strains in medium-sized end result. This strain is a must have for you, in case you are a severe collector! The fruiting bodies are medium in size with dense stalks and a golden caramel with tan white sprinkled cap.

Micro dosing (02G-0.5G)

A micro dose can lead to subtle yet profound inner shifts and improvements in mood, productivity, or creativity, superior attention, much less reactivity. Micro dose can comfort from melancholy, tension, cluster headaches, and a diffusion of other signs and symptoms.

Order Cubensis Mushrooms, After 10-half-hour of consuming Syzygy mushrooms you may sense your mood superior with euphoria and pleasure. depending on dosage you may enjoy mild to severe visible enhancements. things may also appear like they may be respiratory, the character round you will experience more alive and you may discover your self in introspective thought. song and artwork will appearance and experience unique and you may have a better appreciation and you could relate the track or art to your self on a more non-public degree. The maximum not unusual museum dose (zero.5-1.5g) and slight dose (2-three.5g) should offer you with a three-6 hour ride.

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