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A mushroom spore syringe is a tool used to inject spores of a particular mushroom into a substrate. The most common substrate used is agar, a gel-like substance used to culture bacteria and fungi. Mushroom spore syringes can be purchased online or at some garden stores.

What is a Spore Syringe?

A spore syringe is filled with sterilized water and mushroom spores. Spore syringes are commonly sold online for microscopy and mushroom cultivation purposes. Therefore they cannot be guaranteed free from contamination.

Mushroom spores are the microscopic seeds of mushrooms. To grow mushrooms, you need to inject the spores into a substrate so they can germinate and produce mycelium, the white, thread-like vegetative growth of a mushroom. The mycelium will eventually have the fruiting body of the mushroom, which is what we typically mushroom spores psychedelic think of when we think of a mushroom.

What is the best spore syringe for growing mushrooms?

A liquid culture spore syringe is a good choice if Your goal is to grow mature mushrooms of the psilocybe cubensis variety. You specifically need to study liquid mycelium. You plan to use the liquid culture in a relatively short period.

Premade spore syringes are ready to use. When the spore syringe has been stored in the refrigerator, it is best to take it out 12 hours before use.

Our mushroom spore syringe comes in a pack that includes the following:

  • 1x special spore solution in 20ml syringe
  • 1x sterile needle
  • 4x Alco preparations

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