Albino A+ Magic Mushrooms



Albino A+ magic mushrooms are a special kind of mushrooms that are known for their unique appearance and their powerful psychedelic effects. These Mexican albino mushrooms are native to tropical and subtropical regions of the world. They have been used for centuries by albino mushroom indigenous people for their spiritual and medicinal properties.

What do Albino A+ Mushrooms look like?

A popular variety is Albino A+, also known as Psilocybe Cubensis A+. These mushrooms also have a unique appearance. They have ghostly white caps and stems, and sometimes they have a blue-tinged form when damaged. Their spores are purple-black, and the spores will cover the stem ring and appear black when mature.

Today, Albino A+ magic mushrooms are popular among recreational users for their potent psychedelic effects. These mushrooms are typically dried and can be found in many online stores. When consumed, Albino A+ magic mushrooms can produce powerful visual and auditory hallucinations and feelings of euphoria and well-being.

Comment cultiver les Champignons Albinos a+ ?

Growing your own Albino A+ shrooms is easy; all you have to do is spray the inside of the grow bag once a day and wait for the mushrooms to appear. Just be sure to maintain high humidity. When exposed to light it can still produce pigment, so it’s technically not a true albino strain, but leucistic. It’s just about hitting.


Eating Psilocybe cubensis leads to changes in mood and thought patterns and, in higher doses, hallucinations. Nausea is also common, unfortunately. Dangerous side effects are rare but possible, and children are especially susceptible to bad reactions. The high usually Mexican albino mushroom begins about half an hour after ingestion and lasts six to eight hours, although longer stretches are possible.

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Albino A+ Magic Mushrooms

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